Product  : USED LAB : DJH Designs MEK Rub Test Machine

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Brand : DJH MEK Rub Test Machine

MEK reservoir capacity :425 cc.

Mass of Rubbing Block:3kg (6.8 lbs)

Stroke Length:203mm (8”)

Number of strokes/min:70

Operational air pressure:550 kPa(80 psi)

Air consumption @ operational pressure:2.35 SCFM @ 550 kPa (80 psi)

Minimum Flexible air line supply size :¼” I.D.

Air inlet connection at filter :¼ NPT

Counter min/max number of strokes:1-9999

Air supply:550 kpa (80 psi) Clean and dry (non condensing)

Test panel size:127mm x 305mm (5”x12”)

Price ....,000 Baht

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