Product  : USED LAB : Sheen Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester

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Brand: Sheen

Made in England

Model : 902

Standard : ASTM D2486-96

These machines provide an accelerated method for determining the wear resistance of

surface coatings and materials as well as testing the performance of cleaning compounds.

The samples are prepared on card, metal, glass or plastic panels and a pair of brushes or

sponges (suitably dosed with liquid reagent) are swept back and forth across them. They

provide precisely controlled conditions of testing ensuring repeatability and excellent

compatibility of performance between both products and laboratories.


Heavy duty motor, scrub rate 37 ±1 cycles/min.

Adjustable stroke length 100 to 300 mm, per 50 mm increments

5-digit preset counter, to max. 99,999 cycles

2-holder carriage to hold brushes, sponges, or abrasives quick release clamping frame

to hold samples from 10 x 135 mm to 320 x 470 mm, up to 30 mm thickness

Built-in fan cooling to prevent sample heating

Peristaltic pump (when applicable), free from reagent contamination

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